NYC 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Can Now Attend Themed Dinner Screenings

Game Of Thrones fans in NYC will now be able to attend a weekly dinner themed for their favorite show. 

White Gold Butchers on the Upper West Side will be hosting dinners every week, as well as screenings of new episodes. Guests will get a ‘meat-centric,’ three course meal “that would make King’s Landing proud” every Sunday through August 27th at 8pm

To make the dinner even more in line with Game Of Thrones, there will be NO utensils used during the meal. 😱 Jocelyn Guest, the owner of White Gold Butchers, is a huge Game of Thrones fan and came up with the idea for a a weekly dinner and viewing of the show in order to watch the show while she's at work. What a perfect solution for this avid watcher. 

Walk-ins are welcomed, of course, if there is space. Buying tickets is highly recommended! All the info here

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