Tank Sinatra Takes On "The Juice" Memes

The Juice is loose!

One of the most beloved and controversial figures in the last century was back in the news again this week. OJ Simpson's has been granted parole and he's about to be back on the streets. But he's entering a totally different world than the one he left when he went to prison. Everything gets made fun of these days, and he will be no exception. 

So while we should be shaking in our boots at the fact that an "alleged" murderer is now a free man, we internet comedians took it as a sign from the Gods, to imagine his mind state as he acquaints himself with the way we are living in 2017, with zero fear of or respect for anything. These, are the OJ memes.  

I'm not scared, I'm Jay-Z... Ok?

It's not funny, but it also is funny.

White American is in a panic.

Wait? Who's a what?

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