New Yorkers Are Obsessed With This Meditation Dome In The City

NYC has a new meditation dome and we are so here for it! 

Inscape offers guided meditation sessions in a dome. One meditation goer says "Inscape has just been amazing in between all of that chaos." The meditation dome offers a variety of classes of relaxation, mindfulness etc. 

Inscape, was started by Intermix founder and former CEO Khajak Kelejian, he has practiced meditation for a decade. "They weren't sure if it [the meditation] was five hours of 20 minutes," Kelejian says about his favorite thing people say after visiting the dome for the first time. 

There are so many benefits to meditation including, reduced stress, increased creativity, improved sleep and higher emotional intelligence. Someone living in this city could definitely use some meditation practices in their life! 

Photo: Getty

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