Is Taylor Swift About to Drop New Music? Some Fans Think So

Rest in peace Taylor Swift's iconic Instagram account. Gone are the days of epic squad snaps from the 4th of July and sweet birthday messages to her famous besties. Instead when fans visit their fave's social media account, they're greeted with a blank space. Literally. Taylor deleted every single photo from her Instagram account today. Fans are now speculating that Taylor Swift is about to release new music. Let's investigate.


The great Instagram purge took place on Friday, August 18th 2017, which happens to be the three year anniversary of the day Swift released 'Shake it Off.' As all Swifties know, 'Shake it Off' was the single that launched Taylor's 1989 album. This is a very telling sing that new music from the singer is near. Fans have taken to calling her next musical venture #TS6 and are sharing their theories (and excitement) on Twitter. 


One eagle eyed fan noticed that not only did Taylor's Instagram page go dark, but so did her website. If you visit, you'll be greeted with a plain black page. That's it. Just black. One eagled eye fan noticed that there was something interesting in the code for the site, as well. "Taylor's website has coding "ivegotablankspace" which makes it black & "that's what you don't see" when you run a cryptogram," the fan account shared as further proof that #TS6isComing. 


We all know Taylor loves to pull the rug out from under her fans and completely surprise them. She's also into big, dramatic gestures. While she hasn't given any official word yet on any upcoming music, it's pretty obvious that something is happening here. We'll just have to wait and see. 


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