The Stranger Things Cast Say Barb Really Will Get Justice

The Hollywood Reporter was able to catch up with the young cast of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things and they revealed some very interesting tidbits about season 2. One of the juiciest nuggets was, of course, about season's true star: Barb. The fan favorite character met an untimely, off-screen death and fans were simply not happy about it.  

It turns out the show's creators heard fans' rallying cries, which demanded #JusticeforBarb in the sophomore season. Finn Wolfhard put to bed any rumors that Barb, played by the amazing Shannon Purser, would be back in the upcoming season, however, he revealed that Justice for Barb is coming. "It's dealt with accordingly," he said. "It's dealt with really well."

The cast also revealed that much of the second season will be about Will, as well as the fall out from the events of season one. As everybody knows, Will spent the majority of the first season in the upside down and started throwing up some mysterious slug like things at the very end of the finale. Obviously something isn't right with Will after his time in the upside down, so, it looks like the show will dive into that a lot more. 

We can't wait for the second season of Stranger Things. It'll hit Netflix on October, 27...just in time for Halloween. 

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