Camila Cabello Is A Huge Fan Of Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow'

Camila Cabello joined us on our iHeartNow set to discuss all things, music, Cardi B, and which celebrity's closet she would want to have! 

While talking about her latest hit, 'Havana,' Camila let us know that it was one of her favorites off the album and told Elvis Duran, "Not every song that's released will be on the final album." For Camila, "This year has been a growing, learning process," and she is proud of the songs she has released and for her future album to come out. 

Well when it comes to Cardi B, Camila is a huge fan! To Camila, 'Bodak Yellow' is one of those songs that just marks a huge moment for someone. Although she thinks the numbers aren't too important she does agree that it can be such a significant time in one's career. "People are singing along to her song. People are rooting for her.... I imagine that that's an awesome feeling," says Camila about Cardi B's #1 song in America. 

Camila even reveals on the show, that she would LOVE to have Rihanna's closet. Can we blame her? Rihanna has some of the best clothes we have ever seen. Could you imagine having your hands on some of these clothes? We couldn't! 

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