Jimmy Fallon Offers Ride To Complete Stranger During Rainstorm

In today's episode of iHeartNow we talk which celebrity we would get in a car with, Cher's rocking body, and Bethany shows Elvis Duran how to plank? Guess we'll have to explain that last part... but FIRST, what celebrity would you want to get in the car with during a crazy storm?

Our friend Jimmy Fallon let a complete stranger into his car during a rainstorm in the Hamptons over the weekend. Although there were no camera's around, the woman has come out and said that it really happened. Fallon was in the car with his daughter when he saw someone struggling in the rain. Instead of just driving by, he picked her up and dropped her off where she was going! When asked about who Danielle would get in a car with, she was all about James Corden because well... she wants to carpool karaoke with him! 😂 Who would you want to get in the car with?! Tweet us with #iHeartNow to let us know! 

Shifting gears to Cher, we just can't get over how awesome she looks! The trick? PLANKING! Do it every day and you can look like Cher at the age of 71! 

Seriously though, she looks incredible! Watch us talk all about Celine, Tom Petty, and more above and on our Facebook page! 

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