Is Cam Newton Really That Dumb? | iHeartNow

In today's episode of iHeartNow, we discuss Cam Newton, Bethany's first kiss and oh wait that's right.... we have a special guest with us today! Along side Bethany Watson and Skeery Jones is singer/actor Brendan Hines

When it comes to Cam Newton, Bethany has no tolerance for his sexist comments. In case you missed it, Cam Newton shutdown a female reporter at a press conference saying, "It's funny to hear a female talk about routes like - it's funny..." Even after apologizing we can't get over the comments he made. Skeery, Brendan agree with Bethany, "This woman is a journalist, super qualified. She was in that locker room for a reason," says Skeery. 

When it comes to jenga, our iHeartNow hosts are pros. With each block they take out, there is an answer written on that they have to answer! Whether it's a question about the song they're most into right now or rating their first kiss! 

Want more details on Bethany's first kiss with Jim? Make sure you watch the full episode to find out more! Watch above or on our iHeartNow Facebook page! 

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