Join Z100 At The 44th Annual Halloween Parade!

🎃 Join Z100 at the 44th Annual New York's Village Halloween Parade on October 31st at 7pm! 🎃

Only those in costume are welcome to join…hundreds of PUPPETS, 53 BANDS of Different Types of Music, DANCERS and ARTISTS, and thousands of other New Yorkers in costumes of their own creation in the nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!  

ALERT! You can only enter the line-up on 6th ave at Canal Street between 6:30-8:30pm!


Live: On 6th Avenue North of Spring Street to 16th Street from 7:00-10:30pm

TV: NY 1 from 8-9:30pm


Follow these five easy tips for successfully joining the Parade- the largest public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!

1. Be Creative - Wear Your Costume! ONLY costumed marchers are allowed in the Parade.

2. Show Up on Sixth Ave at CANAL Street. 

You can only enter this area from the EAST and SOUTH. That is Sullivan, East Broome and Canal Streets. If you come from the West, enter ONLY from Canal Street.

3. Arrive between 7pm and 9pm or you might miss the Parade! The subway is the best way to get there.

4. If you are meeting your friends, it is best to meet a block or two from the Parade route and all come over together to the line-up.

5. Follow the crowd up Sixth Avenue (please do not go down Sixth Avenue, the police will stop you!)

After the Parade join us at Slake NYC for our Official After Party! Each floor of the club will be totally transformed into a haunted mausoleum of shocking spectacles, bone rattling dance music and some of the most insane costumes you will ever see. 21 AND OVER ONLY.

Click here for more info!

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