5 Playlists to Get You Through Long, Boring Car Trips

If you haven't heard the amazing news yet, you can use the iHeartRadio app this weekend completely free. We know, it's seriously so awesome. You have full access to your favorite songs, radio shows, and podcasts all in one place. While this is definitely really exciting news, it can actually be kind of overwhelming because there's so much variety on the iHeartRadio App. There's basically anything you could ever want. We put together some of our favorite playlists for you to check out, especially if you've got a long, boring drive ahead of you this weekend. You can thank us later! 

1) This is the perfect, sing-along playlist for when you're roadtripping with friends 

2) if you're hitting the road for an overnight trip, this playlist will keep you company the whole way 

3) From Fleetwood Mac to Shawn Mendes,there's something for everybody in the family on this unbelievably varied playlist.

4) Early morning drives can be a killer, but this playlist is better than coffee. 

5) These throwbacks are perfect for a roadtrip! 

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