These Playlists Will Actually Make You Want to Workout

Have you heard the amazing news?! You can use the iHeartRadio app this weekend completely free. That's right. You have full access to your favorite songs, radio shows, and podcasts all in one place. We get it: it can be totally overwhelming to decide where to start when there's so many awesome things to check out. We put together some of our favorite playlists for when you just need to get your sweat on below. We're saving you the time from scrolling through all the fabulous choices, so, you can have more time to work out. 

1) For getting your cardio on

2) When you need a little extra push to stay focused

3) For when you just need to relax a little bit

4) Dancing is a workout all on its own

5) This Dr. Oz approved playlist is everything you need to get started and more

6) This one is for all the 90's fitness lovers out there

7) This will inspire you to workout when you only have a few minutes to squeeze in some exercise

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