Ed Sheeran Reflects on His Amazing Year 2017 at #Z100JingleBall

If Ed Sheeran made a New Year's Resolution for 2017, we're pretty sure he fulfilled it!

The singer reflected on the amazing year backstage at #Z100JingleBall with Z100 New York's Maxwell: how he started the year with "Shape of You" hitting #1 and is (likely) finishing the year with "Perfect" going #1! 

But all the success and the hit songs don't mean as much to Sheeran as the feedback from his fans!

"I don't know if I look at sales as go, 'I've achieved something!'" he says. "It's mad when I meet kids that have started writing songs because they like the album."

Sheeran says the #iHeartJingleBall tour is like no other event he gets to participate in because of how much time he gets to spend with some of his favorite artists, like Niall Horan and Logic!

Sheeran says he's been a Logic fan for years and is super happy to see how well he's doing now. 

Photo: Getty Images

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