Justin Timberlake Says No NSYNC Reunion or Janet Jackson For Super Bowl

Super Bowl LII weekend is upon us and with The New England Patriots and The Philadelphia Eagles having their media day already, Halftime Performer Justin Timberlake had a press conference of his own. Reporters bombarded the "Man of The Woods" singer with questions ranging from texting Tom Brady to questions about his home state. 

Speaking on what Prince ment to him as an artist he said: “The greatest all-around musician i can think of. He’s a huge influence on me” “I’m like pinching... I get to walk the hallowed ground of Paisley Park tonight.”

But the question on Everybody's mind was if he would have any special guests come out with him.... Maybe a possible reunion with the boys of NSYNC, Janet Jackson or even Jay-Z

As much as we would love for any of those artists to come out, sadly JT said in the press conference that its a no go on any of them. He also said that he likes to think his band are his special guests. 

But then again come Sunday, Justin could bring out anyone and surprise us all. Until then we'll all just have to sit tight and wait to find out.

His new album "Man of The Woods" Is Out This Friday (February 2nd) and you can check it out all Weekend for free on our  #iHeartAllAccess Free Preview Weekend. 

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