Logan Paul Apology on GMA "I Am a Good Guy Who Made a Bad Decision"

A month ago Youtuber and social media star Logan Paul posted a video on his page of him and a group of friends visiting the Japanese suicide forest where they also happened to stumble upon a dead body. The video stirred controversy all over the interwebs as throughout the whole experience the camera was not putdown as the body was blurred out of the footage but was clearly still there and used in the thumbnail for the video on Youtube. 

Since the video was released and taken down, Logan Paul has been apologizing all over the place starting out with a apology letter on Twitter, followed by a youtube video which now has over 49 Million views. 

After the video was released Logan decided to take a break from Youtube and didn't return all month until last week when he released another video titled "Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow", which was meant to bring awareness to the matter and also act as a form of apology for the 22 Year old star.

Youtube has taken action against Logan as all of his original Youtube series have been put on hold as well as having his his channel removed from YouTube’s Google Preferred program, which allowed Paul's channel to pop up first when someone would search his name. 

Also Logan has not helped his case in some aspects, especially the other day when he commented on none other than Cardi B's instagram photo in which his reaction to her caption "They trinna crucify me like they did christ" was "Lawlz u tellin me"

This morning (February 1st) Paul made a stop on Good Morning America to sit down with Michael Strahan to talk about the controversial video. In the interview he says "The idea was to shock and show the harsh realities of suicide and get people talking about something that I don't think people are talking about much, and still that's the goal today,". He also said "I am a good guy who made a bad decision...I will think twice in the future about what I post."

Only time will tell if Logan Paul will live up to his word. 

You can check out the full interview below.

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