The Parr Family Returns In First Full Trailer For "Incredibles 2"

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The original "Incredibles" film came out 14 years ago and the sequel has been highly anticipated but we have only gotten small glimpses of what the film make look like. Pixar is using the 2018 Winter Olympic Games to fix that as they premiered the first long trailer for the film. Although Pixar is labeling it as a "Sneak Peak" it does give us our first look at all the characters and the plot of the film.

Feels good to see Frozone and Edna back in action 

The film seemingly picks off right where the last film ended when the mole looking villain "The Underminer" showed up. The movie looks to center around Mr. Incredbile being a stay at home dad while his wife is recruited to be a hero again. Also, looks like the cat is out of the bag that Jack-Jack now has powers.

From the director of the first film Brad Bird, Incredibles 2 stars Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson, John Ratzenberger and Craig T. Nelson

Find your super suits because The Incredibles 2 Hits Theaters June 15, 2018

Check out the new trailer below.

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