Drake Gives Away Over $900,000 In "Gods Plan" Video

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been seeing plenty random acts of kindness from Drake as he was filming his video for his new #1 hit "Gods Plan" in Miami Florida. Giving pack in a major way he donated 50K to a University of Miami students college fund, paid for everyone's groceries in a store one day and donated to a woman's homeless shelter.


Teasing the release for the video of "God's Plan" last night on his Instagram the rapper said that the video is "The most important thing I have ever done in my career".

When the video dropped today the opening title card says right away that the budget for it was "$996,631.90" and then followed by the reveal that they gave all the money away! Throughout the video, we see all these acts of kindness from the rapper implemented in the video. 

Some scenes you can almost see Drizzy tearing up as he helps out the people of Miami.

Shoutout to Drake for giving back! Check out the video for "Gods Plan" below 

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