Fans Think Joe Jonas's New Tattoo is of Fiancé Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner

Nothing says love like cementing your feelings permanently into your skin, right? Tattoos are often used as a vehicle for affection, and many fans are thinking Joe Jonas's newest tattoo is of his fiancé, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner.

The tattoo is located on Joe's forearm, and shows an outline of a seemingly naked woman inside of a box, a quarter of which is in red ink, while the rest of the tattoo is black ink.

Joe captioned the photo, shouting out his tattoo artist, Toronto-based Curt Montgomery, who is known for his minimalistic tattoo designs. "@curtmontgomerytattoos does it again," Jonas wrote.

And while the caption doesn't specifically say what the tattoo actually means, many fans have commented that they believe that it's Sophie. Some comments were asking Joe if the new ink was of Sophie, while others think that it's of her Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark.

Both Sophie and Sansa wear their hair in a middle part, as represented in the new tattoo.


Another fan pointed out that the new tattoo is right underneath another tattoo of Joe's, of a knotted rope, and asked if that meant "tying the knot with Sophie," if Joe's new ink is, indeed, depicting his fiancé. They wrote, "Tying the KNOT, with Miss Sophie, or is the meaning altogether different; or tatt has no designated meaning?"

Additionally, Sophie revealed on her Instagram, that she also got a tattoo from the same tattoo artist, but her's is of a bunny. She captioned her picture, "by the hero and my fave @curtmontgomerytattoos." So it looks like Joe and Sophie got these tattoos together.


Joe Jonas has not confirmed or denied anything about the tattoo so far, but if this is a Jophie tat, v. cute, Joe!

Joe and Sophie began dating in a few years ago in November 2016, and while they've kept their relationship mostly private, Joe shared the news of their engagement in October 2017 with a sweet Instagram post. The photo showed Sophie's hand on top of Joe's, showing off her gorgeous diamond engagement ring, along with the simple caption, "She said yes." 

Similarly, Sophie shared the same picture on her Instagram, writing, "I said yes."


Photo: Getty Images


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