A Club for Napping Just Opened In New York City

If you often find yourself longing for simpler times - aka days filled with naps and juice boxes - then I have some pretty exciting news for you. Time Out is reporting that a club for napping just opened in New York City and it sounds amazing. Okay, okay - it's not just a club for napping, but you can nap there. Nap York (ha, get it?) is a "wellness club for New Yorkers in need of a snooze," as well as a "multi-hybrid space" that acts as a "health-conscious café and lounge, a yoga and mediation studio and a co-working space." Count me in. 

Nap York is located in Midtown Manhattan at 480 7th Ave and is conveniently located near a ton of different subway lines, including the A/C/E,  N/Q/R, 1/2/3, and B/D/F. Your new nap spot is literally just a subway ride away. Once you're inside, though, the chaos of New York City streets disappears. You might even forget you're in a city at all. A quick scroll through their Instagram shows Nap York is giving off some seriously tranquil vibes. You'll want to take a nap ASAP after looking at some of the photos.   

The Nap York Pod is "the signature experience of Nap York," according to the club's Instagram, and it offers a "private refuge to rest, relax, recharge and meditate." The pod's include a twin bed under a canopy of twinkling lights made to look like the night sky. If you don't feel like napping, though, you can hit up the yoga studio for some stretching or even do some work in a quiet corner. 

After looking at some of these photos, Nap York's mission statement comes as no surprise. They state that they aim to "provide an oasis for New Yorkers to focus on cultivating wellness in body and mind; a quiet place to concentrate deliberately on yourself." It certainly looks like an oasis to me. 

Of course, nothing in this world is free, so, if you want to nap it up at Nap York you'll have to pay a fee. You can pay per use for a nap pod with prices currently set at ten dollars per every thirty minutes. If you book a pod for three hours, though, you get a hot towel, charcoal infused water, fresh linens, and a tooth brush included in the price. For all the additional amenities at Nap York, there are options for monthly memberships. What do you think - is this the best thing ever or something to skip?

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