New Jersey Has Most Distracted Drivers In Country, Study Reveals

The month of April is "Distracted Driving Awareness Month," but who is more likely to be distracted behind the wheel? New Jersey drivers! 

According to a new study done by Life360, a location-sharing app, analyzed their distracted driving intervention with a report of more than six million drivers. They concluded that New Jersey drivers are the most distracted, using a phone around once every 4.7 miles. In comparison to New York which is ranked number 4 when it comes to distracted drivers. Furthermore, New Jersey is also one of the states with the highest number of crashed per mile driven. 

This same report also concluded what time of the day people are most distracted. The found the highest number of distracted driving incidents happen between noon and 3pm, while the lowest distracted driving incidents happen between midnight and 3am. In addition, drivers are twice as likely to use their phones during rush hour in the afternoon than between 1am to 3am. 

Who are the people causing these rates to go up? Surprisingly it is not your average teen. According to the study, teens are only “6 percent more likely to use their phones while driving than their parents." 

New Jersey isn't the only state to have high numbers of distracted drivers. Miami is in fact the most distracted metropolitan area where drivers use their phones once every four miles. 

When it comes to safe driving, you're better off heading to Wyoming for they were the state found with the least amount of distracted drivers. Also while comparing coasts, it was reported that West Coast drivers are less distracted than East Coast drivers. 

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