Twitter Account Will Let You Check NYC Drivers' History

Ever been curious about an unsafe driver? Driving in New York City can be quite dangerous. You never know when a bike or person is going to just appear and don't even get us started on the taxis. Well now there is a Twitter account that will actually check the driving history of any New York City driver. 

The account: @HowsMyDrivingNY. When you tweet at them with any plate and the state and within the next two or three seconds you will have a response. @HowsMyDrivingNY started about a week ago tweeting: "To look up violations, simply tag me (@HowsMyDrivingNY) along with information about the vehicle like this:  plate:abc1234 state:NY replacing the above fields with the license of your choosing." 

Their responses give you a full outline of someone's driving history including parking tickets, expired meter tickets, stickers expiring or missing etc. They'll also give you the TOTAL camera violation tickets. 

With a launch date of March 23rd they've already had nearly 800 tweets sent to them requesting a driving history. Some of which had very alarming results....“There are certain drivers who are prolific repeat offenders, one plate has 2200 tickets." Driving history in the city is all public information according to which about 25 million tickets have been given out since the year 2000. 

Photo: Getty

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