Today's Horoscope For May 22, 2018

Capricorn: lately many things are making you feel small. Don’t be discouraged, your potential is limitless. Your day is a 9.

Aquarius: Stop acting oblivious to the conflicts in front of you. Confront all of your problems head-on. Your day is a 7.

Pisces: Your personal evolution is happening and you may not realize it. Great things happen when you allow yourself to grow. Your day is a 10.

Aries: All eyes are on you; keep this in mind when you lash out on loved ones. Your intentions are pure. Your day is an 8.

Taurus: Conserve as much energy as you can! Relax and take a break. Try to experience something new. Your day is a 9.

Gemini: Your multiple personalities have caused you great stress. Don’t get frustrated when people might not understand you. Your day is a 10.

Cancer: Go beyond your limits! It’s your chance to defy stereotypes within your community! Your day is an 8.

Leo: You’ve been feeling lonely lately. Try to break your anti-social mood and hang out with friends. Your day is a 7.   

Virgo: Soon you will encounter a problem. It will be hard to deal with alone, so lean on your friends for support! Your day is a 9.

Libra: Your strong opinions might get you into trouble. Try to reason with people before jumping to conclusions. Your day is a 10.

Scorpio: Uncertainties are on your horizon. Now more than ever, you’ll want to stick to your gut feeling. Your day is a 9.

Sagittarius: Be a trail blazer; people look up to you for innovation. Keep creating your visions. Your day is a 10.

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