Liam Payne Talks Love for Shawn Mendes & Spending Time With Louis Tomlinson

It's always a good day when Liam Payne drops by to hang out. The pop superstar popped into the studio to talk about his awesome new track with J. Balvin titled "Familiar." Liam revealed that one of the nice things about collaborating with other artists is that it makes him feel comfortable on stage. Liam, of course, got his start in one of the biggest boybands in history so having a friend to perform with is right up his ally. He told Maxwell that performing with J. Balvin always reminds him of his One Direction days. 

Liam also revealed that he recently caught up with Louis Tomlinson and listened to his former's bandmates entire upcoming album. He revealed his favorite thing about Louis' music is his lyrics, calling them honest and real. Liam also spoke about how nice it is to catch up with the 1D guys because nothing changes between them. Now that they're not in the band, as well, there's less pressure so they can just chill out and be friends. 

The 1D guys aren't the only megastars Liam is BFFs with these days, either. He spoke about his close friendship with Shawn Mendes, as well. After Shawn said some kind words about Liam in a magazine, Liam reached out to Shawn to tell him how much it meant to him. It's amazing to see these young stars supporting each other. It must be tough going from being in a band with a bunch of your friends to doing everything on your own. Just because he's a solo artist now, though, doesn't mean Liam is totally alone. From this interview, it's pretty clear that he has a pretty solid support system and strong friendships. Love that!

Watch Liam Payne's full interview below:

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