David McInerney Talks Being The "Chief Food Adventurer" For FreshDirect

David McInerney, co-founder of FreshDirect, stopped by Z100 to hang out with Garrett and Skeery. During his visit, he spoke about founding the online grocery store that delivers to residences and offices in the New York City area. Since the company was founded, David has been very involved with the company on many levels, but especially when it comes to where and how they get their food. He's even been known as FreshDirect's "chief food adventurer" due to his travels around the world in search for the freshest and finest ingredients for FreshDirect.   

"It's sort of something we came up," David said of his title. "It just explains what I do. You really have to get on the ground. You have to get in fishing boats. You have to get on the ranch. You have to get in the field."

David also spoke about where the idea for FreshDirect came from, revealing that his background as a chef and working for supermarkets allowed him to create his business. He found himself wondering why chefs in restaurants had access to the freshest, nicest produce and foods, but the rest of America was left to buy lackluster grocery store products. David explained that grocery stores actually aren't ideal environments for food, so, it made more sense to have food delivered directly to people's homes. 

While some people may think that FreshDirect is just a grocery store that delivers, Skeery points out it's actually so much more than that. FreshDirect bypasses the grocery store phase of the food buying process entirely, which allows the food that gets delivered to your home to be the freshes it can possibly be. For example, if you purchase swordfish from FreshDirect it goes right from the boat it was caught to FreshDirect hand's and then right to your front door. Sometimes you can get a fish that was caught within the past three days. How do we know this? David goes out on the fishing boats, of course, to make sure he's getting the best products for his business. 

For more of David's food adventures, listen to the full podcast with Skeey and Garrett above. For more delicious, fresh food...order from FreshDirect. 

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