The Best Places To Watch The World Cup In NYC

So what if the U.S.A. team didn't make the World Cup this year. The games have still been ones not to miss, including Russia beating Spain a shootout making it the 3rd biggest upset in World Cup history! 

Even though the games are early this year making it hard to watch during the week, the weekend games are still up for grabs and at a perfect time to grab a drink with friends and watch sports! We compiled a list of some of the best spots we've seen that are playing the game. 

1. Football Factory At Legends

This staple soccer venue has been around for over 20 years, streaming 100 live games per week. During the World Cup this place is heavily crowded with fans of the sport with a tendency to overflow to the rest  of it's giant bar! 

2. Nowadays

This indoor-outdoor spot offers plenty of space for your clique to grab pitches of local beers and the best bbq food. Ten percent of the bar's profits benefit Robin Hood, a organization fighting poverty in the city. No matter if your team wins or looses, at least it's all for a good cause! 

3. Clinton Hall

For a bit of a younger crowd, Clinton Hall is a great spot to host a viewing party for the World Cup! The Williamsburg location will stream EVERY single game live, even the 8am matches! You can grab buckets of beer, soft pretzels and more. 

4. Smithfield Hall 

They call themselves the "NYC soccer temple," solely because the brewpub is dedicated entirely to soccer fans. They have 11 TVs behind the bar offering a view of the screens from any location inside. The best part is the projector screen which shows the biggest matchup of the day. They'll be streaming the World Cup all month! 

5. Woodwork

This soccer bar has a 30-deep beer list which will leave any indecisive person speechless. They have three 50-inch TV's and a 104-inc projection screen playing nonstop live and tape-delayed soccer matches. Get there early, because you may fight for a spot amongst some of the biggest soccer fans in New York. 

Photo: Getty 

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