Today's Horoscopes: Taurus Stop Taking Life So Seriously

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Capricorn: don’t let others hinder your progress. Taking the lead on a major work project is a great way to let your talents shine. Your day is an 8.    

Aquarius: the bigger the smile you wear, the better those around you will feel. Your happiness is contagious, so spread the love! Your day is a 9.                                                                                      

Pisces: your kind gestures and warm words won’t be forgotten! It’s the perfect time to lift someone up. Your day is a 7.

Aries: people are taking note of your energy. Brush off people who try to copy your style. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Your day is a 10.  

Taurus: stop being so serious. Have some fun and let go of that dark cloud you’ve been carrying around. Your day is a 9.

Gemini: your spirit is a little down in the dumps. Pamper yourself; you’re working too hard lately. Your day is an 8.

Cancer: your goals are just in reach. Push yourself these next few days and you’ll finally see results. Your day is a 9.

Leo: spending time with family is just what the doctor ordered. Being around your loved ones will make you feel rejuvenated. Your day is a 7.

Virgo: your love life is caught between a rock and hard place. Don’t worry; these rough seas will turn into calm waters after a romantic evening. Your day is a 6.

Libra: say goodbye to money problems. Surround yourself with those that are savvy with their savings and see your financial issues melt away. Your day is a 7.

Scorpio: reach out to others to help with self-reflection, not validation. Respect your inner authority and watch your confidence shine. Your day is an 8.

Sagittarius: create something that benefits the larger group. What inspires you will surely inspire others! Your day is a 9.

And those are your Tuesday morning horoscopes!

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