Today's Horoscopes: Aries, Don't Be Afraid To Shake Things Up

Horoscopes – July 11th, 2018

Celeb birthdays: Alessia Cara [22]

Capricorn: Loosen up! Be open to what comes your way and the path will be much smoother. Your day is a 7.

Aquarius: You feel cluttered. Now is the time to ignore the buzz and try something new! Your day is an 8.

Pisces: Stay focused. Remember to give a little when needed. Only good things can come your way. Your day is a 10.

Aries: You may feel in a rut. Switch up your routine and don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit! Your day is a 9. 

Taurus: Start thinking out of the box. It’ll force you to take some time to do what makes you happy. Your day is an 8

Gemini: Follow your intuition. Trust that it will bring you to good horizons. Your day is a 7.

Cancer: There’s no time to feel bored. Channel your inner explorer and see where it takes you! Your day is a 10.

Leo: Your purpose is to be happy no matter the circumstances! Do whatever it takes to get there. Your day is an 8.

Virgo: Don’t be scared to stray from the path you’re used to. You’ll be surprised with what can happen in the unknown. Your day is a 7.

Libra: Be honest and unashamed of what you want. It will find its way to you. Your day is an 8.

Scorpio: Express yourself to the fullest. You deserve to flaunt what you got a little. Your day is a 10.

Sagittarius: Many choices are coming your way. Be sure to be decisive and stand your ground. Your day is a 9. 

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