Laverne Cox And Boyfriend Celebrate One Year Together

It's the summer of love and we are all in. Laverne Cox and her boyfriend, Kyle Draper are celebrating their one-year anniversary this week and it is so adorable. The couple has been pretty quiet about their romance. 

However, this week, The 46-year-old star in "Orange Is The New Black" shared four photos to her Instagram captioning it, “Happy 1 year anniversary babe. I love you so much!”

The first time we saw this couple on social media together was on her Instagram back in April. A month before Cox said they actually met on Tinder!

“It’s incredible,” Cox said at the time. “It’s like love is so incredibly healing. I’m just so happy. When you’re happy … love is life-saving.”

The two have even met each other's families saying, “Everybody gets along. His family’s amazing. My mom likes him. It’s good.”

We are just so incredibly happy for this couple! It's not every day you see a celebrity using the dating apps all of us are using! So maybe there is hope for us Tinder users....

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Photo: Getty 

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