Queer Eye Sparks Instagram Fashion Trend Called The "French Tuck"

Tan France, an English fashion designer and fashion expert for Netflix's series Queer Eye, has sparked a new mens' fashion trend that we are totally here for. 

Every episode of the show features the same kind of tips, magically transforming people with their closets. Season One, we learned about the open short-sleeve button down over a T-shirt. Eventually we get to the sleeve roll, flashing guy biceps everywhere! Now men are all about the "French Tuck." Women everywhere have been doing it for years... get with it boys! 

What is this new trend? The "French Tuck" according to GQ and Queer Eye is when you tuck only the front of your shirt in. 

Men online are using the tag #FrenchTuck to show off their "newfound" fashion sense. It is Queer Eyed approved so you know it's going to be happening all summer... 

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