One Tree Hill's James Lafferty And Stephen Colletti Reunite For New TV Show

Former One Tree Hill co-stars, IRL friends, and one-time roommates are about to embark on a new project together! James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti are teaming up for a new TV show called Everyone is Doing Great. 

The two talked to PEOPLE at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas about the making of their independent television series. 

“Setting out on this journey was risky for us because there are a lot of things and chances we’re taking with these characters,” said Lafferty, who also directs their new show. “These characters are the perfect storm of bad behavior.”

The new series is based around fictional characters, but does have some truth to it.... 

“You write what you know, right?” said Lafferty, “We obviously drew a lot from our own experiences and circumstances. We do want to make it very clear that these characters are works of fiction, but at the same time … I think Jeremy speaks to that part of myself coming out of One Tree Hill who recognized pretty quickly that it was going to be harder than I thought it would be. I was always prepared to do a lot more work, and I knew that I’d wind up creating my own stuff, and that it would be a tough road, but auditioning again was a shock, and I hadn’t really prepared myself for that too much.”

The two were definitely a little worried about how their friendship would hold up with this new project. Colletti says, “We thankfully found out really quickly that not only do we enjoy each other’s company as friends, but we’re going to be able to work together in a healthy way because some of the most important moments come when we do disagree, we do butt heads, and what happens from there. And so far it’s been okay. But talk to me in a year.”

These two will be showing their Everyone is Doing Great pilot episode at the upcoming New York Television Festival from July 14 – 19! 

Photo: Getty

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