Hailey Baldwin Reacts To Her Stylist Jokingly Stealing Her Engagement Ring

Hailey Baldwin is happily in love with Justin Bieber, or so it seems, as per a recent Instagram Story of the 19-year-old star and her stylist, which is currently circulating the blogosphere.

In the viral footage, Baldwin's stylist is seen flashing the model's sparkling engagement ring to the camera, before asking the star, "Can I do the fitting just here? Does that work for you?" At that moment, Baldwin turns around and attempts to hold back her grin as she snatches the ring away from her fashion guru. According to a recent report, Bieber decided on a large, elongated oval-shaped diamond between 6 to 10 carats, which was delivered to the singer in-person by Jack Solow, the owner of Solo & Co, at his hotel in NYC shortly before Bieber and Baldwin went to the Bahamas for the engagement moment. 

Just last week, it was reported that the power couple is interested in a smaller affair for their big wedding day as opposed to an elaborate star-studded celebration. "Justin and Hailey have been telling friends they want to have a smaller wedding, with close family and friends, nothing too over the top," a source told ET. "The couple has discussed where they would have their wedding, in either Canada or somewhere in the States (NY or LA). They've thrown around the idea of having it in possibly both, but it's still the early stages of planning. Justin and Hailey are trying to enjoy the excitement of engagement before fully diving into wedding planning."

Photo: Getty Images

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