This Video Of Baby Stormi Having Tummy Time Is Too Precious For Words

Even if you're not a fan of America's most famous family - aka the Kardashian-Jenner clan - nobody can resist cute baby videos. I mean, come on, is there anything better than when babies do those leg kicks? Probably not! Kylie Jenner has blessed us with a video of her 5-month-old daughter Stormi doing just that and OMG is possible to die of cuteness? Because I might be. 

Kylie shared the adorable video of Stormi enjoying tummy time on Snapchat yesterday. Little Stormi is holding her head up, kicking those legs all around, and making those baby gargles that are just so. darn. cute. (How many times can you say cute in one article? Asking for a friend...)

The video of Stormi is, of course, cute, but tummy time is also super important for babies. The practice of placing your baby on their stomach every day helps them develop strong neck and shoulder muscles, according to Mayo Clinic. Tummy time also helps babies like Stormi promote their burgeoning motor skills. Hello, leg kicks!

It seems like Kylie was enjoying tummy time just as much as her daughter. The two have been apart for a few days while Kylie traveled to Lisbon and Paris supporting Stormi's dad, Travis Scott, during the European leg of his music tour. A source close to Kylie  revealed to People that she "usually travels with Stormi," but since the trip was "too short and too far away," the new parents decided to leave Stormi home.

Just because Stormi missed out on this trip with Mom and Dad doesn't mean she hasn't already started acquiring those passport stamps already. In June, Stormi visited France with her parents Travis’ performance at Spotify's beach party at the Cannes Lions Festival. Then she was off to  Hawaii earlier this month for a tropical family vacay. 

It looks like Stormi is already a busy little lady. Between tummy time and traveling, when does she have time for naps?!

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