Eric Church Reveals He Had A Life Saving Surgery

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Eric Church revealed the shocking news that he had to have a life-saving surgery last year.

One night he felt a tingling sensation in his hands but didn't really think anything of it. When he looked his arm was a swollen, he said he did some googling, had had five out of five symptoms, and headed for the hospital.

After having an ultrasound performed, the results showed he had a blood clot in his chest. The doctors told him he needed to immediately have surgery. I said, ‘Can it kill me?’ And the doctor said, ‘Today.’ And I said, ‘I need to make a phone call.’ ”

They immediately took him to Duke University Hospital. “They took me into the ICU and I thought, ‘OK, I’m gonna go to bed, get up in the morning and do this thing,’ ” he says. “But when I walk in the room, the surgical team is there and the [doctor’s] in scrubs. He says, ‘We’re gonna go now.’ That was really when it hit me. To them, I was going to die.”

After a successful surgery, he later found out that he had a birth defect called thoracic outlet syndrome, which caused his top rib was too close to his collarbone and cause the blood clot.

He was extremely lucky to catch it when he did, and we're happy to hear that he's making a full recovery.

Read more details about the incident here.

Photo: Getty Images

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