Karlie Kloss Just Revealed Princess Beatrice's Secret Instagram Account

Well, this is awkward. It looks like Karlie Kloss got caught up in the excitement of her recent engagement and accidentally blew up the spot of one her close friends. Karlie screen grabbed a bunch of her friends' reactions to her massive engagement ring and then shared them on her stories. One of those friends was Princess Beatrice, a member of the British Royal Family. Karlie tagged Beatrice in the post, revealing the royal's secret, personal account. Uh oh!

Most members of the royal family abstain from having personal social media accounts in order to maintain their privacy. Beatrice's cousins, Prince Harry and Prince William, do not have their own Instagram accounts. Instead, they rely on the Kensington Palace account to give people updates on their official royal duties. Meghan Markle even deleted her own social media accounts, as well as her lifestyle blog The Tig, before marrying into the family. 

There are a ton of royal fan accounts out there, but @beayork appears to be pretty legit. The account is fairly low key for a literal princess with just over 650 followers. It's kept on private, so, those who aren't granted access to the account can't see what Beatrice is posting. Also, Pat McGrath - makeup artist to the stars - is one of her followers. 

Hopefully Karlie's slip up doesn't put any stress on their friendship. Royals and A-list models are just people at the end of the day. They want to tag their friends in memes on Instagram, too. And sometimes they make mistakes...like accidentally revealing that a member of the British Royal Family has a secret Instagram account. Oops! 

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