Watch Shiggy Press Drake For His 'In My Feelings' Challenge Cut

Drake's latest album Scorpion has been a massive success, to say the least, but the success of one track in particular is in part due to someone else.

At the beginning of July, Instagram comic Shiggy posted a video of himself interpreting the lyrics to Drake's song "In My Feelings" in dance. He used the hashtags  #DoTheShiggy and #InMyFeelingsChallenge. In the weeks that have followed, a slew of celebrities have showed off their dance moves—from Ciara to BTS' J-Hope—to help amass more than a quarter million posts using the hashtags.

Outlets have been reporting that Drizzy compensated Shiggy for his help in the song's success by writing him a check for $250,000, but on Wednesday (July 25), the social media star posted a video where he asks Drake point blank where his check's at.

The hip-hop star looks a little caught off guard in the clip, as he explains that it's on the way but has been delayed due to an international wire he had to send from Canada to New York. A fed up Shiggy asks when he can expect the money, and when Drake says seven to ten days, the comedian's response is not too funny.

"You either gotta give me the $250,000 or plus ASAP, or you gotta make that rumor go away" he says matter-of-factly. Drake then tries to give a shout out to Shiggy, and he shakes his head disapprovingly. "I don't wanna hear that s*** until I get my check, man," he scolds the star.

Watch the confrontation below.

Since the album dropped, listeners couldn't help but ask, "Who's Kiki?" Since then, two women have come forward claiming the song's about them: 24-year-old K'yanna Barber and former 106 & Park host Keshia Chante.

Photo: Getty Images

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