Woman Kills Fiancé Following Argument Over Wedding Guest List

Woman allegedly kills fiance after argument over who to invite to the wedding

Colorado Springs Police say a man who wanted to invite an ex-girlfriend to his upcoming wedding was stabbed to death by his bride-to-be early Saturday morning during an argument over the guest list. 

According to KKTV, 31-year-old Jacqueline Souza was arrested on suspicion of murder after allegedly getting into an argument with her fiancé, Brandon Watkins, 33, stabbing him with a steak knife at the Colorado Springs home they shared. 

Investigators say Souza gave them several different accounts of what led to her fiancé's death at first. 

Initially, Souza told police that she and Watkins were returning home from a bar celebrating their upcoming wedding in Las Vegas when they began to fight over his desire to invite an ex-girlfriend to their wedding. 

According to arrest papers, Souza called 911 around 12:30 a.m. early Saturday morning to report that her fiancé was bleeding and had dropped to the floor in their kitchen.

When police arrived, they found Watkins unresponsive on the kitchen floor, a bloody steak knife sitting on the table. When police arrived, Souza told them she had walked into the kitchen to find her fiancé with the steak knife in his chest and the door open. She said when she saw the knife, she panicked, and pulled it out, throwing it on the kitchen table and proceeded to call 911 and give him CPR until officers arrived. 

Souza then theorized for the police that Watkins may have stabbed himself in the chest following their fight. 

In her third account, Souza accused Watkins of cheating on her with several different women, claiming that he became violent as they "traded insults" until he grabbed the steak knife and threatened her.

When pressed, Souza retracted her statement that Watkins threatened her, then saying that her fiancé had fallen on top of the knife when she pushed him while trying to get away. 

Police say Souza's account did not match the scene and not consistent with a dark bruise "roughly the size of the butt end or finger grip portion of a steak knife” on her right hand. 

Watkins' sister, Erika Watkins, started a GoFundMe Page for Brandon writing that her brother had been an Army veteran, who had been a "victim of a senseless murder." 

Souza is currently facing a second-degree murder charge and bailed out of jail Tuesday morning after posting a $50,000 bond an El Paso County sheriff's spokeswoman said. She is expected to return to court on Aug 1. 

Photo: Colorado Springs Police Department

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