Jungle on What Inspired Their New Album 'For Ever'

Jungle - 'For Ever' Album Cover Art

Jungle's second full-length album officially arrives this fall. The band, originally from the UK led by Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, announced their forthcoming LP, called For Ever, this week, and that it will be released on September 14th.

Jungle tells iHeartRadio of For Ever, that the songs on the album "feel more autobiographical than anything [they've] written before." They explain, "The years since releasing our first album have given us the confidence to tell our own stories on this record. We've both had to deal with losing girlfriends, but it’s not a 'break-up' album. We're both in a place where we can see how the cycle of love works now, and with every beginning there has to be an end. So, the record is actually quite hopeful, at the same time as being beautiful and sincere. We wanted to make a record that connected with people on an emotional level, and if you want to achieve that, then you’ve got to wear your heart on your sleeve."

The guys add of what it was like to make this new album, "Of course the emotional aspects of the songs are difficult to confront at the time, but once its out on the page you feel liberated. One of our aims was to collaborate more on this record and share our ideas and songs with a wider group of friends and musicians. That process naturally injected energy and life into the studio and you can really hear that sense of a shared musical experience on the record."

Back in May, Jungle kicked their new era of music off with two singles, "Happy Man" and "House In LA," and along with their album announcement comes two more new songs, "Heavy, California" and "Cherry."

For Ever Track List: 

1. Smile

2. Heavy, California

3. Beat 54 (All Good Now)

4. Cherry

5. Happy Man 

6. Casio

7. Mama Oh No 

8. House In LA 

9. Give Over 

10. Cosurmyne

11. Home

12. (More and More) It Ain't Easy

13. Pray

Jungle is also going out on a headlining world tour, kicking off this September, and will run through March 2019. The tour will include a 10,000 capacity show at London’s legendary Alexandra Palace on February 21st, and headline shows at Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club and Los Angeles Palladium. For a full list of dates and ticket info, head to Jungle's official website.

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