Texas Cops Find Armed Scarecrow Guarding Illegal Marijuana Farm

Texas police uncovered an illegal marijuana farm in a "heavily-wooded" area south of Dallas where over 10,000 plants were growing in a secluded section spanning five acres. As police made their way through the rough terrain, they saw what appeared to be an armed man sleeping in a hammock.

As officers approached, they realized the man was just a scarecrow and his gun turned out to be a pellet gun.

The Navarro County Sheriff's Office said they received an anonymous tip about the illegal marijuana operation and used a drone to discover the location of the grow site. The site was not easy to access and officers had to use a bulldozer to reach the secluded area. 

Officers found a complex operation, with water pumps, power generators, and campsites scattered over the five acres. They eradicated the marijuana plants, some of which had grown to be six feet tall, and continue to use drones to surveil the area trying to track down the suspects responsible for running the illegal farm. 

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