Tristan Thompson Reportedly Doesn't Think Cheating Scandal Is A Big Deal

Khloé Kardashian is back together with Tristan Thompson after he reportedly cheated on her with multiple women while she was pregnant with their daughter True Thompson. To make matters worse, news of the affairs broke just a few days before Khloé gave birth. It was rumored that the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan urged Khloé to leave Tristan, but the two have seemingly worked things out. They've been spotted out and about on multiple dates in L.A., and Kim even posted videos of Tristan at Khloé's birthday party a few weeks ago. 

Even though Khloé and Tristan are putting up a united front, things are not as perfect as they seem. A source close to the couple told People that Tristan reportedly doesn't think his cheating scandal is a big deal. The source said, "As a guy, he’s naturally not as understanding as he can be in this particular situation. It’s so much easier for him to, not completely, but brush things under the rug." Oh, Tristan. Honey, no. It is a big deal, especially for Khloé.

The source also spoke about how Khloé is handling everything, including Tristan's blasé attitude about repeatedly cheating on his pregnant girlfriend. "She thinks the cheating scandal is a way bigger deal than he does and he doesn’t fully understand the repercussions of his actions affecting not only him and Khloé but the entire family as a whole." Yikes. Not great. 

It seems like Tristan has also been resistant to discussing the cheating scandal, as well, and has stopped going to couple's therapy with Khloé. It's understandable to want to move on from something that has happened in the past, but pretending that the bad thing didn't happen doesn't help anybody in the end. Khloé, obviously, has every right to be upset about Tristan's actions.

Tristan is feeling trapped in a bad relationship,” a source said about Khloé and Tristan. “He’s no longer going with Khloé for sessions. He just didn’t feel it was helping to discuss sh*t that happened months ago.”

It must be so hard for Tristan right now, you know, dealing with the repercussions of his own actions. (*Insert eye roll emoji here*) At least True is still cute AF!

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