Alleged High School Pooper Quits Job As Superintendent, Plans To Sue Cops

Thomas Tramaglini

The man accused of pooping on the track and field of Holmdel High School in New Jersey during his morning run has resigned from his job as superintendent of the Kenilworth School District. The Kenilworth Board of Education announced that Thomas Tramaglini agreed to resign because his continued employment has "become too much of a distraction."

"In recognition of this fact, and in an effort to avoid legal fees and expensive litigation, and in the best interests of all concerned, including the faculty, staff, and students of the Kenilworth School District, Dr. Tramaglini has tendered, and the board has accepted, his resignation effective September 30, 2018," the district said.

According to, Tramaglini is planning to sue the police department because of the way his arrest was handled. HIs attorney Matthew Adams "filed a tort notice claiming potential damages of more than $1 million as well as emotional distress and invasion of privacy." He argues that the officers should not have taken his mug shot because public defecation is considered a municipal offense. 

"It's like getting photographed and fingerprinted for a speeding ticket," Adams explained. 

Photo: Holmdel Police Department

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