12 Celebs' Moms In Music Videos

Artists using their lives as inspiration to write music is an incredibly common occurrence, especially when the subject matter deals with their parents – or, more specifically, their mothers. But it’s not quite as common to have their moms actually appear in their music videos, a fact we realized upon watching Drake’s music video for “God’s Plan,” in which his mother appears on-screen. So, we decided to comb through the music video archives to compile a list of music videos that feature the artists’ moms. From One Direction’s “Story of my Life” to SZA’s “Garden” to Taylor Swift’s “The Best Day” and beyond, scroll on to check ‘em out!

1. “God’s Plan” - Drake

2. “Garden” - SZA

3. “Calm Down” - G-Eazy

4. “The Best Day” - Taylor Swift

5. “Mama” - Spice Girls

6. “Mama’s Song” - Carrie Underwood

7. “Story of My Life” - One Direction

8. “Power” - Little Mix feat. Stormzy

9. “Dear Mama” - 2Pac

10. “PROUD” - 2 Chainz feat. YG & Offset


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