Demi Lovato Fans Held An Impromptu Concert In Place Of Her Performance

This is so moving. Demi Lovato was unable to perform at the Atlantic City BeachFest Concert due to a suspected drug overdose, so her fans took matters into their own hands. They organized a meet up on the Atlantic City boardwalk, bringing signs with messages of support for their idol and sang along to some of her hits together.

Videos of their heartfelt tribute to Demi were posted on Twitter and quickly shared amongst fans who were not able to attend the meet up. The group of Lovatics sang along to Demi's emotional new single "Sober," as well as "Tell Me You Love Me." 

While their rendition of "Sober" was certainly somber, the Lovatics also reminded people of why Demi means so much to people during their joyful performance of "Tell Me You Love Me." She creates beautiful, honest songs that so many can relate to. Whether you're belting them out in your car or crying alone in your room, Demi crafts powerful lyrics that move her fans. But she also brings happiness with her music, as well. Even in the midst of such a terrible event, Demi's music is able to remind people to have fun and enjoy life. 

Demi currently still remains hospitalized, though she's said to be doing okay. It's reported she will be going back to rehab once she's released. Cosmopolitan reports that despite being a co-owner of a treatment center in Los Angeles, Demi is considering leaving the city for her own treatment. She reportedly wants to get away from the "wrong crowd." 

A source spoke with The Sun, telling them there's a tough few weeks ahead for Demi. "She will need several weeks of detox work and intense therapy...The focus now is to reconnect her to her sober network before she can even think about getting back to LA, where she ended up falling back in with the wrong crowd." 

Demi had recently been tweeting about working on a new album, though after her overdose "For the foreseeable future, her music career is on the back burner. This has been a huge scare for everyone."

While there won't be new music from Demi while she takes the time she needs to heal, hopefully knowing the strength and hope her fans get from her repertoire of songs helps inspire Demi to move forward. She means so much to so many and the meet up her fans organized to support her shows the world exactly that. 

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