Flight Attendants Save Three Girls From Possible Human Trafficking Ring

Hawaiian airlines

A flight attendant is being credited with saving three girls from a potential human trafficking ring. Wesley Hirata thought something was odd when an elderly Asian man boarded a Hawaiian Airlines from Los Angeles to Honolulu with three Caucasian females. Hirata spoke with his fellow members of the flight crew and they checked the passenger manifest.

It turned out that all three women were listed under the same name and one of them was underage. The flight attendants alerted the captain and he radioed ahead to have security waiting for them when the plane landed in Hawaii.

Authorities interviewed the man and his female companions and referred the case to the FBI as a human trafficking investigation. 

Hirata told KITV that he just trusted his instincts and was able to handle the situation without creating a scene.

"Trust your gut and prior experience [and] report the situation without alarming or confronting the passengers in a suspicious manner," Hirata said. 

Photo: Getty Images

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