This Guy Ran Into 'The Sandlot' Actors While Wearing A Sandlot Tee

"You're killing me, Smalls!" Spoken by actor Patrick Renna, it's easily one of the most famous lines of dialogue spoken in a movie. So when Renna and his The Sandlot co-star Tom Guiry - the actor who played the infamous Smalls - ran into a young man man wearing a t-shirt with that phrase printed on it, they were surprised to find he had no clue who he was. Even though his face was literally on the shirt he was wearing. SMH. Kids these days. 

Renna took to Instagram on Thursday (July 26) to share the hilarious story with his followers. The Sandlot co-stars had to take a picture with the unknowing young man. “‪Said nice shirt to this dude walking by us and he had no idea what we were talking about. Thought I would capture the moment.”

Fans, of course, had some pretty amazing reactions to the photo. "Really? Who doesn't know?! Lol I have like 5 shirts that say "You're killin me smalls." I say it daily to my 3 kids," one person wrote. Another joined by saying, “This picture  is going to be in the book of legends, you guys this is great!” One captured how all fans were feeling, “The disrespect is unreal.”  In short: You're killing me, Smalls. 

The Sandlot just celebrated its 25th anniversary in April of this year and the actors went on a tour around the country to celebrate. I guess this guy missed it. Maybe it's time he catches up on his movie history. 

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