Tourist Ends Up Getting Trapped In Abandoned New York City Prison

Castle Williams

A tourist exploring a 19th-century castle on Governor's Island in New York ended up trapped inside after workers had locked the doors for the night. Shakira Stover was wandering around Castle Williams when she discovered the main entrance was locked and sealed with a large bolt. 

“I was looking around, reading about the history, and when I finished, I go to walk out the same way I came and the big double doors were closed,” Stover told The New York Post.

Stover tried to find another way out but had no luck. She tried using her cell phone to call for help, but it had no service. She started screaming for help, but nobody was able to hear her.

“I see people, and I get excited and I started yelling, but no one could hear me because the wind was blowing in my direction.”

Eventually, a pair of British tourists heard her pleas and summoned a security guard. The security guard and his manager were unable to help because neither of them had the key to open the doors. Finally, about an hour after she had become locked inside, a park ranger showed up and was able to open the doors.

Stover was glad to be free from the 19th-century prison and couldn't wait to get off Governor's Island. 

“I just really wanted to get on the ferry and get off the island,” she said.

Photo: Getty Images

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