Were Demi Lovato's Friends Trying to Hide Her Overdose?

Demi Lovato

New details of the 911 phone call responsible for saving Demi Lovato‘s life have emerged. According to TMZ, the "Tell Me You Love Me" star, who was rushed to a nearby hospital as a result of an overdose this week, was in dire straits before law enforcement was phoned in the nick of time.

"She could have died," an insider with firsthand insight told the outlet of Lovato's condition after she was reportedly discovered unresponsive at her Hollywood Hills residence at around 11:30 a.m. (the time at which authorities and paramedics were called to intervene). Apparently, Lovato's friend who placed the call told the dispatcher to send emergency vehicles, but to silence their sirens, presumably to keep Lovato's condition under wraps. Officials did not comply with the request.

TMZ first broke the report of the artist's emergency hospitalization on Tuesday (July 24). Beforehand, medics and Lovato's friends administered Demi with a life-saving dose of Narcan, an emergency treatment that counters the effects of opioids. At the time, it was alleged that she had overdosed on heroin, however, the outlet later reported heroin was not a factor of the incident. The substance by which Lovato overdosed has not been disclosed.

The "Games" soloist's frightening experience arrives more than a month after she announced she had broken her six-year sobriety back in March and came clean about her relapse in a song titled "Sober" in June. As previously reported, Lovato is conscious and in stable condition, though she remains hospitalized. Upon her discharge, she will reportedly enter rehab on her own volition.

Photo: Getty Images

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