Neighbor Puts Up 200 Foot Wall Of Used Tires Following Dispute

A long-lasting feud between two North Carolina neighbors has escalated after one neighbor collected hundreds of tires from a local landfill and used them to build a two hundred foot fence on the property line.

Karen McKinney complained about the "solid waste spiteful pile of trash," to city officials, and they ordered Jennifer Best Guyer to start taking the tire fence down.

“This is not a fence,” McKinney told the Charlotte Observer. “It is a solid waste spiteful pile of trash, hazardous to the environment and an eyesore to look at.”

Guyer says she set up the tires after the neighbors argued over the use of a private driveway. A surveyor was hired to double-check the property lines and suggested that they construct a fence to avoid any future issues.

Guyer said she couldn't afford a traditional fence and got the idea to use tires from Pinterest. She disputes the claim that the tire fence is an "eyesore."

“It is a work of art,” says Guyer. “I don’t think it’s ugly. I love it.”

Guyer said she plans to abide by the city's ruling to remove the tires within 30 days and is trying to decide what she will replace them with.

If the tires have to go, “other art will be going there,” Guyer says. “Especially now that I know it’s not about the tires or my fence. It’s how (McKinney) don’t like anything I put there. I am trying to come up with other ‘art’ and my wheels are turning!”

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