Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Freak Out Hearing Their Daughter's Voice

How cute is this? Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds acted every bit the part of proud (and slightly embarrassing) parents at Taylor Swift's concert in Foxborough, Massachusettes over the weekend. In some fan footage, Blake and Ryan can be seen freaking out during one very crucial moment during the show. As Taylor's track "Gorgeous" began playing, Blake whipped out her cell phone and began filming. Why? Because her daughter James was about to make a special cameo. 

James is just 3-years-old, so, she wasn't strutting on stage with Taylor during the concert, but her voice did play out across the packed arena. It was revealed when reputation first debuted that little James Reynolds was the cute kid whose voice opens the catchy tune. 

According to a few Swifties who were able to attend one of the star's infamous "secret sessions" before reputation dropped, Taylor was hanging out with Blake, Ryan, and their kids at the beach one day when she played them "Gorgeous" on her guitar. James loved the song so much that she kept saying gorgeous back to them. Taylor asked her parents if she could use that for the song and the intro was born. 

It seems like Blake and Ryan are big fans of their daughter's work. Their elated reactions to hearing James's voice ring out across Gillette stadium is everything. 

Ryan spoke about his daughter's cameo on "Gorgeous" during an appearance on Good Morning America in May. “My daughter has a really, really terrible ego problem now after that song,” Reynolds said, joking. “Oh, she’s insufferable.”

Blake and Ryan weren't the only squad members in attendance at the show, either. Gigi Hadid was seen dancing and hanging out with her friends in a VIP area at the show. They were spotted getting down to the Taylor Swift classic "Should've Said No," which TBH is very relatable. 

It looks like these guys had a fun weekend jamming out at Taylor's latest tour stop. Maybe James will be old enough to tag along on the next tour. Who knows, maybe she'll even make an IRL cameo on stage to introduce "Gorgeous?" While that would be super cute, it seems highly unlikely. If it's up to Dad, James will never get into show business.  “Show business, for a little kid, that’s a crazy pursuit," he said on Good Morning America. Oh, well. 

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