Bow Wow Threatens To Quit Rapping To 'Work At GameStop' In Twitter Rant

Bow Wow hit his limit with Twitterverse trolls, as seen by his Monday morning (July 30) tirade, where the rap veteran exploded after being accused of cheating on his girlfriend Kiyomi.

In his lengthy Twitter rant, the 31-year-old star clapped back at a fan, who took a photo of him at a nightclub and was kicked out by the star's section for invading his privacy. Instead of biting his tongue, the former 106 & Park host unleashed the lengthy rant, which was later directed at the blogosphere. "I don't do cameras u stupid b*tch!" he wrote, before admitting that he kicked her out of his section because her "bright ass camera" was recording him. That was only the tip of the iceberg when he later threatened to slap a phone out of anyone that decides to "whip they f**king phone out while I'm in the club."

"I hate you fucking bloggers too! Shaderoom I f**k with. All you other gossiping ass hateful sites F**K YOU!" he continued. "F**K YOU! SMASH OR PASS BULLSH*T I WOULDNT F**K YOU UGLY I SHOP AT LANE BRYANT BITCHES EVER! F**K YOU!"

In another twist of events, Bow admitted that he is considering leaving behind his fame behind and getting a job at GameStop. "I'd probably be the happiest man in the world. Trade my cars in and buy a probe," he continued. On a heavier note, it seems like Bow could be seriously considering that option as he revealed that he's "cash apping all [his] money away today." 

"So if you want some free money yall can have it... lets see if you think money makes you happy," he wrote, before sending one person $500. We'd embed all the tweets from the tirade, but you already know that half of them have been deleted. Head on over to his Twitter account to see what's left of Bow's rant.

Photo: Getty Images

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