Chrissy Teigen Recalls 'Jealousy-Fueled' Meltdown Over John Legend

Chrissy Teigen has a confession to make: "I had a jealousy-fueled meltdown visiting this video set and made an a**hole out of myself to a large group of people." This was the first tweet of the model's saga-long Twitter rant posted Monday (July 30), in which Teigen recalled the humiliating experience she had while on the set of then-boyfriend, now-husband John Legend's music video for "Greenlight" in 2008.

As the 32-year-old remembers it, here's what went down. "It began with our friends (john's manager and co-writers and a couple others) talking about how BEAAAAAAUUUUTIFUL some of the women were … and they were! But in my mind they not only were talking about it, they were talking about it on purpose to rile me up." she started. "Looking back and knowing how well I know them now, THEY WERE DEFINITELY RILING ME UP AND GETTING A KICK OUT OF IT.”

Apparently, the Cravings author was feeling some type of way about the 39-year-old singer smiling and chatting too much with his attractive female co-star: “They were probably just talking about craft services honestly but in my mind she was like ‘hey we should bone’ and he was like ‘haha f**k yeah!’”

After hawk-eying the pair, who had shared one too many shoulder touches and laughs, Teigen finally flipped her lid and was so angry about the situation she ran off set and ended up booking herself a hotel room. “The director (ALAN FERGUSON!) was baffled. Everyone was," she explained of the outburst. "Anyhow I wish more happened but no. I was just a jealous, angry 22 year old. I’m better now. BUT DONT TEST ME.”

Considering she'd met Legend the year before as one of his love interests in his video for "Stereo," it's easy to understand why the situation is still a sensitive topic for Teigen. “Keep in mind john and I met on a video,” she reminded followers. “I was that girl! I know how this s**t works!”

Jealousy aside, things panned out in Teigen's favor in the end: the Lip Sync Battle host is married and has two children with the musician today.

Photo: Getty Images

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