Faith Evans & Stevie J Break Silence About Vegas Wedding, Having Babies

Faith Evans and Stevie J don't have any sort of guilt about their surprise Las Vegas wedding, as per a new TMZ interview with the R&B veterans. 

"It really didn't take long once we found out that there was something, right?" Stevie admitted in the new video chat, before looking to his new wife. It prompted the 45-year-old singer to elaborate on their union and it seems like the dynamic was a long time coming. As the story goes, Evans never saw him in a romantic light during all of the years of their friendship, but the pair did date a few years back to no success as the Love & Hip Hop star wasn't ready to settle down. It all recently changed for the stars.

When it came down to their quickie Sin City wedding, Faith said that they were there for a business meeting, but spontaneity stepped in the way. "We were actually talking about going to plenty of places to get married, but we were in Vegas and I was, like, 'We don't have to wait to go to such and such,'" she added. "We're happy."

Asked about starting a family, it seems like having babies is definitely on their minds. "I mean, I'm pretty fertile and obviously we know he is, too," Evans revealed, before the pair burst into laughter. If you want even more from the pair, keep your eyes peeled because these two might have a duets project coming out sooner than you know.

Photo: Getty Images

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